I am currently a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh teaching online versions of Introduction to World Art and History of Photography.

Previously, I served as Instructor at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (2018-2020), teaching Museum Studies, American Art, History of Photography, History of Graphic Design, and Art through the Cinematic Lens.

Sample course descriptions:

History of Photography

This course engages with questions about what constitutes an image, relationships between humans and technology, and the role of visual technology in modern life. Course material approaches photography from an interdisciplinary and global perspective and examines its role in spheres such as art, science, journalism, and popular culture. Students learn how various photographic technologies work, analyze famous photographs and their impacts on society, and develop skills in research, writing, and critical thinking.

American Art

Art in what is now the United States from the 17th century to the early 20th century emerged from radical change, brutal conflict, and persisting idealism. This course proceeds in a roughly chronological manner but is organized around themes that connect artworks across time and space. We will look closely at specific works of art or sites that draw out the important issues that have shaped American history and show the powerful role that images and objects have played. Through themes such as migration and cultural exchange, nature and landscape, spiritual experience, conflict, memorialization, social identity, and resistance, we will ask: how do images and objects reveal the diverse stories of American life?

History of Graphic Design

This course engages with the history of graphic design beginning with the earliest alphabets and manuscripts and working up to the screens of the present day. It provides historical analyses of visual communication with an emphasis on the development of graphic design and its relationship with both commerce and technology.

Art through the Cinematic Lens

This course explores art in global contexts by analyzing its depiction in cinema. We will explore the cultural, political, and social contexts of various famous examples of fine art (from Ancient Rome to Qing Dynasty China to 20th century New York), while also examining the nature of the portrayals of these artists and artistic periods in popular movies.

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